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We are Telecom Power & Installation Trainers LLC (TPI Trainers). We are specialists in solving customer problems with training, mentoring and certification in Power, Installation Quality and Engineering. You have known us in the past as Bellcore TEC, Telcordia Learning Services and Canux Learning Services. Now at our Training Center in Illinois we deliver the training you remember, the information you need and the knowledge required to solve the challenges of today while adhering to the most current Industry standards.

Through Test Assessments, Client Site Training, Public Session classes in Illinois and at various sites throughout the country and through our Public Session by Request Program we partner with you to design training deliveries for your specific needs. The real-world experience of our instructors facilitates training with immediate value for your group. Over the years our job-relavent courses have met the needs of telecommunications workers and provided companies with cost-effective learning solutions. Partnering with TPI Trainers to achieve your training objectives is an investment in the assurance of your service continuity, efficiency and quality.

We build the training that you need. TPI certification is recognized by the major companies in the industry. TPI certifies based on the proficiency demonstrated in the class and a tested grade level of 80% or better achieved by the student.

When you train with TPI Trainers you will find:

  • Depth and Breadth of Course Content
  • Job relevancy
  • High Quality
  • Customization to meet your needs
  • Hands-on training
  • Flexibility in choice of location
  • Instructor led educational approach
  • Use of core concepts that become part of subsequent learning


Here are some comments from recent TPI students:

“Instruction was great!”  J.S., Surewest Telephone; IN QUAL training

“Good Class! DC Distribution, Voltage Drop (most effective sections); Class brought out interesting ways to save dollars.” T.R. Frontier Corporation; PWR-ENG-DC training.

“I thought Tony was an outstanding instructor; his explanation & examples are situations I deal with throughout the day. His attention to detail was very effective. My level of experience is really a beginner. The classroom had a vast amount of knowledge and at times the course was too advanced for me. However Tony provided tools to allow me to go back & review as my experience level increases. This course has made me aware of components to look for during my job walks.” J.N., AT&T; PWR-ENG-DC training.

“Grounding and Bonding (sections) cleared up a lot of questions/gray areas for me.” J.C., NEC Corporation of America; IN QUAL training.

“The case problems were very valuable in reinforcing the topics covered in the student material” J.C., TCT; PWR-ENG-AC training.

“I really liked the method of delivery. It really works well for my learning ability. It helps to be able to put real life situations into the course discussions. I learn as much from the experience each student brings as the course materials; a great balance of course material, lecture experience and real world experience.” J.C. TCT; PWR-ENG-DC training.

“On-site visit was a big plus!” S.G., TDS Telecom; IN QUAL training