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TPI Trainers regularly offers public sessions at our Training Center in Glen Ellyn, IL, as well as in hotels and conference centers across the country for individual students who wish to attend.

To register please complete the information in the form below. If you have questions please contact Vicki Johnson on 630/607-9302.

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Cancellation Policy: Telecom Power & Installation Trainers reserves the right to cancel a class or training session due to low enrollment. TPI Trainers will make every effort not to cancel classes, and understands the inconvenience this may cause the Customer and student. If TPI Trainers cancels a class, notification will be sent to students at least 30 days in advance via e-mail. If a class involves travel, TPI Trainers recommends that students purchase refundable airline tickets whenever possible and delay booking travel until confirmation of the status of the class has been sent by e-mail to the student.  A written request for a qualified substitute student to attend the class will be honored. Rescheduling of cancelled classes will be at TPI Trainers' discretion. All cancellation requests made by Customer or student must be submitted to at least 30 days prior to the scheduled class start date in order to get a full release of tuition. Cancellations made less than 30 days shall be subject to the full tuition amount.